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Your authorized Apple Premium Service Provider and Apple Premier Partner in San Antonio


11614 West Ave., ste.101 San Antonio, Texas


MacTLC (Mac Tender Loving Care) provides sales and service for Apple computers and products in San Antonio and South Texas.

Discover in-depth experience in Apple sales and service at MacTLC

MacTLC’s founder, John Thompson, has been a Mac specialist since 1986. John discovered the joys of Macs early in his career working at a computer sales and service company in San Antonio in the 1990s. Following his tenure there, he joined forces with other Apple users when he started The Publishing Group, a company whose purpose was to share resources and assets among Mac-loving graphic designers. He concentrated on computer repair at first, but the business evolved to include hardware sales, service and support. In 2000, the company’s name changed to MacTLC, the perfect name for a product that John was passionate about for so long.

One of MacTLC’s claims to fame is that before Apple Stores existed, there was MacTLC! The company was originally part of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN), then was designated an Apple Authorized Sales and Service store. Currently, MacTLC is designated as an “Apple Premier Partner & Premium Service Provider” store.

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Edward Fonseca has been with MacTLC since 2001. Edward’s experience began late in the 1990s when he worked in the HEB photo plant with the “new” digital photography and retouching. His skills have expanded over the years into hardware, software and networking. Edward has become an all-around IT professional. Edward holds two of the three highest Apple certifications, ACTC and ACMT.

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Kyle McLeod started with MacTLC in 2010 as an Apple Product Professional. Kyle’s passion for the Mac has its roots in his arts and graphic design background. His experience allows him to understand hardware and software issues that affect our customers daily.

About Pix John Thompson



John learned about Apple in 1986 when the Apple IIe was giving way to its color counterpart, the Apple IIgs. After working at San Antonio’s main Apple source for six years, John began his own Apple business in 1992. The business evolved into the consumer oriented MacTLC in 2000 with the goal of offering Mac users a source for Apple products with the expertise to assist consumers in making the proper choices to serve their needs. John retired in 2018.